Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vintage Nail Art

Onchaya from instagram has offered to share her Vintage Flower nails with us, she has written out instructions with picture. Thank you Aim! 

Colors used : 3 different tones of the same colour doing flowers and being the base and green for doing the leaves.Both acrylic and nail polish can be use.

Step1 : Put a base coat. Wait until it's dry. Then apply the middle tone of color which will be the second coat for the base. (reference picture above)

Printing on fabric!

Thank you to Rustic Cottage Interiors, I found how to print pictures on fabric! It is so easy and fun :)  ( While printing I found that my ink jet printer wouldn't accept the fabric and kept saying paper jam, so I tried our other print (which isn't ink jet) and it worked as well. However I am unsure if the print might rub off when washed, I am yet to experiment. If you would like a print request, please comment below! Available in my Etsy shop soon.

Bewitched 1960s Print 

- material (any of your choose, I chose canvas)
- spray adhesive
- 1 printer paper
- scissors 
- an ink jet printer (however I didn't use one)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY bow shirt

Paige Cleary from instagram has made an amazing bow shirt, which looks really fashionable and fantastic. She has allowed me to featured her DIY on here to share with everyone. 

Materials :
Tshirt (anything but a v-neck)
Thick tipped Fabric markers


Fancy Stud Shoes

Ecitah from instagram has allowed me to feature her DIY stud shoes, in this tutorial she has suggest two ways to proceed this DIY. To read both method press read more below. 

First thing first, there are two ways to go about this. You can either:
A.) Get studs that you can just glue on. You can get studs at any craft/bead store. In that case, you need glue, a marker, a tweezer and studs. If you pick this way, the only thing you need to do is:
1. Mark the places you want studded. Just put dots wherever you want to place the studs.
2. Glue the dots, one at a time.
3. Use the tweezer to place the stud on the material.

Paper tissue Flowers

Nicola (dreamplaygroud) from instagram, has allowed me to share a creative piece of work she has created.


1/ all you need:
-tissue paper(whatever colour you like).
-a pair of scissors
-thread/string/fishing wire/wire.

conDIYfidence Handmade

conDIYfidence maker's owner,Erica,from Hong Kong. conDIYfidence,makes products in the materials which may not be very expensive but are valuable as the products are handmade. Erica's interest is in handmade products, she loves to make them, she is a university student in Hong Kong. She makes cases for iphones, hard disks, different sized purses and isn't to concerned with selling for money, Erica is open to exchanging products with other people through barter; where she is interested in getting other handmade items. This is an important aim, Erica wants people to realize. 

iphone case

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bow Shorts

Daisy from instagram has allowed me to feature her tutorial of bow back shorts and here they are. She has written up instructions for everyone to see and do. Start creating and have fun! If you want to be featured, comment below or if you have made one of these also comment below! :)

1. Cut pants to size of shorts you want. 
(Keep what you cut off you will need it)

2. Measure the back pockets for left to right (top to bottom will be measured as a rectangle) and cut out rectangles from the scraps. Cut off any seam on rectangle. Two for each pocket. (If you're doing both pockets you will end up with 4).  

Re-Create Your Vest

I found this wonderful tutorial on instagram, on how to fix any ordinary denim vest into something very stylish and fantastic. Chinatsu todate sent me this tutorial and she has done a very great job. 

This is denim vest when she bought it.

It was only $4!!


1. This is very easy and simple.
First I cut cuffs then messing up the cuffs file.

Herphotoblog: Origami Fun

Herphotoblog creates amazing stuff which are fun and interesting to make, Herphotoblog has agreed to give us a origami special tutorial with step by step photos. If you want to find more on her you could find her on instagram.

Have Fun!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Dots on Dots"

Once again Nik has sent me another tutorial (Thanks :]). It's very dotty and creative and would be very suitable for party times or just for fun in general.

Step 1: Colors used: China Glaze “ Strong Adhesion Base Coat: and “Fast Forward Top Coat” (not shown)

Sinful Colors “Snow Me White

Sally Hansen “Celeb City”

Spoiled by Wet n Wild “Fuzzy Dice”

Sinful Colors “Black on Black”

Abstract Summer Bush Strokes

While on instagram I found another great tutorial for very stylish nails and Nik (the instagramer) has allowed me to feature her on my blog and here she has put together instructions with handy photos, to tell you how to get fashionable nails just like hers. (Thanks Nik!) Enjoy! Happy nail painting :)

Colors used:

China Glaze “ Strong Adhesion Base Coat: and “Fast Forward Top Coat”

Revlon Top Speed “Hazy”

Sally Hansen “Blue Me Away!”

China Glaze “Shocking Pink Neon”

China Glaze “Sun Worshiper”

(Or use your nailpolish of choice)


1: Start with a clear base coat to prevent your nails turning yellow. Let dry then apply one or two thin coats of a gray polish.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunshine: Shop Feature and Giveaway // Chrome and Cotton

Sunshine: Shop Feature and Giveaway // Chrome and Cotton: Etsy Shop  // Facebook Today's featured shop and giveaway is for the vintage-enthusiast!  "lover of all that is cheerful,...

Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY: Belt Purse

While I was researching diy tutorials on instagram I came across a rather interesting and smart creation. A purse made from belts, the instagramer being Lisa agreed to let me feature her diy tutorial on here for everyone to try. Thanks Lisa Succo!



STEP 1: gather supplies-hot glue gun, scissors, sharpie, and (depending on the size purse you want) gather an odd amount of belts (3,5,7,etc.) to create balance, and an additional belt to use for the strap.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Cushion

I didn't know what to do for my mum for mothers day and because I have been trying different techniques in making cushions, I decided to make one for her and try something new for my self. I didn't have filling for the cushion, that's why the cushion looks saggy, however it turned out well, I did my first automatic buttonhole with my sewing machine and made it rectangle instead of a square. Here's how it turned out:



Cushion with matching couch

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rebel Rebel

Feeling like you need a causal and rebel look, why not try this! 
Its easy to put together and can be mixed and matched with a lot of other accessories. 
A little bit of skater, a little bit of black, red, white and a little bit of coolness, 
will give you this fashionable look. Enjoy!

Rebel Rebel

1. College letterman jacket
€50 -

Target- Free Fusion Collegiate Jacket $25.00 

2. Skinny fit jeans
$100 -

Jay Jays- Regular skinny jeans $39.95 (there is a sale on now 2 for $60,

3. Sunglasses
$14 -

Ray-Ban- Wayfarer 
   4. Vans authentic 
CityBeach- Authentic Vans $89.99 
5. Ebay- London shoulder bag $20.00

Pastel Chalk Hair

So I'm gonna dye my hair soon and I'm doing dip dying, purple and wanted to try if dip dying would suit me, so I found a temporary way to view this. I found a link to colour your hair with chalk pastels (, it easy and fast to do, though I found it tends to work better with people, who have light coloured hair. However here is how mine turned out. (My before after dip dyed hair up soon!)

Hope you Like!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Textile & Fashion: Elements of Design

Textile & Fashion: Elements of Design: Design Design refers to a plan or a skill full way of doing a sketch or drawing which is visualized and then represented for the construct...