Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bow Shorts

Daisy from instagram has allowed me to feature her tutorial of bow back shorts and here they are. She has written up instructions for everyone to see and do. Start creating and have fun! If you want to be featured, comment below or if you have made one of these also comment below! :)

1. Cut pants to size of shorts you want. 
(Keep what you cut off you will need it)

2. Measure the back pockets for left to right (top to bottom will be measured as a rectangle) and cut out rectangles from the scraps. Cut off any seam on rectangle. Two for each pocket. (If you're doing both pockets you will end up with 4).  

3. Put all rectangles together and cut off a tiny bit off the corners. Just so the bow doesn't have sharp ends. 

4. Sew 2 rectangles together. (Facing the way they should if they were still on the pants) Leave about 1 centimeter around the center of the top open (do not sew this section)

5. After you got the 2 rectangles together through the hole turn it inside out. Push the corners out to make it an inside out rectangle. 

6. Pinch the rectangle from top to bottom to make the bow. (Making it accordion style). Sew it down so the bow shape will stay. 

6. To make the bow's middle (the tube) Take around 1 centimeter wide  of the pant seam. (or any fabric can be used if you want something different) Measure around the bow's middle to see what length you need. (Give yourself a little extra). Sew together to make a hoop. 

7. Bring the bow through the tube and bring it to the middle. Your bow is done (: 

8. Sew the bow on to the pant pockets.
(Try to sew it on the seam of the pocket so you don't accidentally sew the pockets shut)  

You are done (: 

*Front rips can be added for more detail. Any detail can be added to make the shorts unique.  
Make sure the jeans have very little spandex added to be able to make the rips. Cut 2 (as wide as you want the rip to be) horizontal lines. Not too far apart. (as far apart as 2cm.) With tweezers slowly pull vertical strings without pulling the horizontal ones. Keep doing it till you have removed all vertical strings between the cuts.

 Daisy, 18, is from California, she love DIY's and she enjoys experimenting to make her old clothes into something new.

The best inspirations for designs are mostly found on Tumblr.
Instagram: @DayinthelifeofaDaisy
Twitter: @Daisy_meows

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