Thursday, May 31, 2012

Printing on fabric!

Thank you to Rustic Cottage Interiors, I found how to print pictures on fabric! It is so easy and fun :)  ( While printing I found that my ink jet printer wouldn't accept the fabric and kept saying paper jam, so I tried our other print (which isn't ink jet) and it worked as well. However I am unsure if the print might rub off when washed, I am yet to experiment. If you would like a print request, please comment below! Available in my Etsy shop soon.

Bewitched 1960s Print 

- material (any of your choose, I chose canvas)
- spray adhesive
- 1 printer paper
- scissors 
- an ink jet printer (however I didn't use one)

Spray Adhesive (from Big W $10.00-$13.00)

1. First place the printer paper onto your fabric.

2. Spray the adhesive all over the paper to cover the entire page.

3. Turn the paper around and stick it down onto the fabric, press out any wrinkles.

4. Leave the adhesive to dry for 10-15 minutes.

5. While waiting for the adhesive to dry, find a picture to print.

6. Once the adhesive has dried, cut the fabric carefully around the edges of the paper, as close as possible. (Make sure the paper fits into the printer to avoid paper jams)

7. Take out the extra paper in your paper before placing the fabric into the printer.

8. Now put the fabric in your printer, making sure that the printing will come face up onto the fabric and not the paper.

9. Finally pull off the paper and your done.

Note: Any extra glue on the material can be washed off later. 


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