Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY bow shirt

Paige Cleary from instagram has made an amazing bow shirt, which looks really fashionable and fantastic. She has allowed me to featured her DIY on here to share with everyone. 

Materials :
Tshirt (anything but a v-neck)
Thick tipped Fabric markers

Step 1 : cut the neckline by taking a pencil, and lightly marking a dotted line along the desired cut of the shirt . Cut along the dotted line , and keep the scraps
Step 2: flip over shirt and turn inside out . about an inch below the shoulder blades , draw a line spanning from 1/2 in. Past the shoulder blade to 1/2 in. Past the other . Repeat these lines every 4 inches going down your back . (If you want color lining your bows, use a thick tipped marker to draw these lines.)
Step 3: cut all of the lines going across the back.
Step 4: take the scraps from the cut neckline, and cut pieces about 1/2-1 inch long . Cut one piece for every bow .
Take loose fabric between two cut lines and bunch together . Wrap cut scrap around the middle , and see the scrap shut (without sewing the original bow material into the wrapped material)
Step 5: use Bedazzler, fabric markers, or any other items to add the final details ! 
Enjoy (:

Paige is a hyperactive & creative teenager in southern California, 
 who's constantly making DIY items from pinterest, or creating 
her own ideas ! She is obsessed with fashion, and wants to have
 her own line one day. 

Paige you are more than welcome to feature any other of your creations at any time, Thank you!

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