Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Today I finally went shopping and gave my driving lessons a rest (going for my P's on friday, wish me luck!) and found something I had been looking at for a while {well actually my new obsession}, actually 1960's fashion has always been something I always wanted but now I have started to study it further and want to own a couple pieces of my own. Now I like the whole decade of the 1960's fashion except for the end, where it begins right into the 70's. Anyways I once again saw the pair of shoes I had had my eyes on for a while but once again didn't buy but for sure will next time because I bought a dress that suits it quiet nicely (and I will wear for uni!).

I was on my way out of the shops until I spotted something from the window of a ladies wear shop, something mod, so I rushed in and couldn't believe my eyes I had found a mod dress without even trying and it was only $20. Boy way I in luck today. So here's a picture I took of it on instagram.

(please excuse my sisters' messy room hahaha) 


Hi! This post was meant to be published yesterday but I feel asleep before I could do so. Anyways Gemma from has been very kind and has prepared a lovely DIY tutorial for DIY Tuesday (well now Wednesday). Thanks Gemma! (Be sure to give her blog a visit!)

DIY Gold Maxi Skirt


It only cost me €6.95 ($10.60) and took an hour to make and the finished result looks really 

Here's what you'll need:

Friday, February 14, 2014

Jackie Kennedy Inspiration- Help Get this dress OFF! {DIY Fashion- TROUBLE Dress in a day!}

The Adventure of trouble!

Here's the story; last minute decision to go on holidays- giving me only a couple hours to finish this dress {because when I start something I must finish!}. 

Basically due to my lack of time...