Saturday, April 28, 2012


Love Fallen by Lauren Kate, well guess what?!? My friend and I have decided to make the dress on the front cover and a lot of research has been done on the dress details. It may seem hard but I think it will be a very fun project! I'll get updated post soon, stay tuned.

Endless Wardrobe

Endless Wardrobe has been chosen to be in Featured Blog as it represents a great fashion website and should be looked at!

Looking for a safe and colourful place to go to for chic, trendy, stylish, smart, and elegant fashion, visit Endless Wardrobe for the best quality and customer care. Endless Wardrobe is an Australian online store which provides a range of clothing for; men, women and children. With updates of new items every week, customers are up to-date with the latest trends and are provided with convenient prices for the quality displayed and guaranteed, coming soon Endless Wardrobe will be introducing Australian brands on the website for you Aussie’s out there and of course to everyone else.  The design of the site is most simple and easy to navigate around, as the websites opening slideshow shown in the middle dominates the viewer with the latest items; in high quality images and in a sensible manner. All the information on; men, women, children clothing, accessories are found on the right hand side tabs, which clearly state the categories and the tabs on the top of the website giving customer conveniences such as; user account, wishlist, cart, checkout, contact and log in, but if you want a faster way to search, use the search toolbar on the right top corner, for faster results. The use of the simple white background attracts the viewers to the colours of the clothing shown; in the slideshow, and the list of clothing down the page showing the name and price of the item stated below the product image, which gives brief information on the item.  Endless Wardrobes logo is eye-catching as the clothing moves along the clothing rack and then stands still into position showing a variety of clothing and the name of the website.

Endless Wardrobe provides a large selection of one-size items, leaving customers in no need of worrying about ‘wrong sizes’. The items pictures demonstrate multiply views of the product in clear quality images for the customers to have a perfect interpretation of how the item will look on. Product descriptions give detailed information on the items, so the customer can’t go wrong, however if there are any issues, Endless Wardrobe provides live chat support or contact information; telephone number and email details. Endless Fashion is a simple website to be used with easy features to navigate with and

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Package!

I am a big fan of the 60s and I really wanted Get Smart (I already have Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie). I searched everywhere Big W stopped producing them and all other stores were expensive and so was online stores, but I had big luck when someone had put ebay that they were selling them and I was so excited. So I bought the whole series for $50 a bargain, I'll say and they are all new. They came today in the mail!

So excited to start watching!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


 I've been mentioned!

Etsy Store Opening Soon!

I just opened an Etsy account and my store will be ready soon with cushion covers, purses, accessories and many more to come to buy from at affordable prices and all being hand made of course.

Breakfast at Tiffy's

Vintage fashion is back in, it's jumped back to the fifties, which in fact had a beautiful range of style. An example can be taken from Rayban Sunnies inspired by Audrey Hepburn breakfast at Tiffany's. 

You may say that many famous people have been wearing vintage styled fashion, is was very neat and tidy, being high-necked, long in length and the hairstyle always being buns. Take Zooey Deschanel for instance

Monday hairday!

Credit to:
Her blog is fabulous go visit! (

Today's post is something a little different than usual, so I hope you enjoy this hair tutorial!

*Ahem on 4, bobby pins are your friend.

To finish up,

Day Out

Just going out or just shopping this outfit it perfect for day or event, its simple casual and just perfection. The blue jacket which in fact I have in a beige colour goes with almost anything the style fits all, just like a one-sized item. Skinny jeans are every teenagers comfort, they are comfy and simple and also match with anything and to top this outfit off like a cherry on top are the zipped boot heels (I wish I had a pair) the colour and style are lovely and can be paired up with dresses, skirt and of course pants and I think they make a great additiona and  put a great finishing touch to the complete outfit. (and so would a clutch wallet :) 

Always Complaining

This is so true!

Shorts Shorts Shorts!

Denim, colourful, studs, rips and short, short, shorts! Here is a collection of images which are all shorts, for you short lovers out there! (credit: weheartit) I don't preferably like these types of shorts, however a lot of others love these and I thought this gif was pretty cool by the way it changes, summer time if over in Australia but for those whose summer is just beginning, Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wackiest Shoes Competition

Credit: Weheartit

I found this image while searching on weheartit and thought they were so funny, toad style slippers (Mario Super Bros. Games). I had to post for others to see. Competition is up are you ready, here it comes: Post a picture of your wackiest shoes and link it back to this post and in return I will feature your blog on mine for a month as a guest blogger. Have fun and keep blogging. Don't forget to link back to this post.

Winter Here We Come!

Winter high wedged shoe, I love! I bought a pair last winter from Target for only $12.98 from $39.95, It was put down and I had to buy a pair, although mine are beige and can be worn with anything nice,warm and woolly. They fit any occasion and are in style, tuck your skinny jeans with them, wear stockings and a skirt or tights and leg warmers, a whole range of outfits to be worn with these fabulous looking shoes. If you have a pair and picture of you wearing link to this post for me to see! Enjoy.

Fancy Twirly Buns

I found this really interesting tutorial of how to make three bun twirls and it looks really easy and pretty to do. I give full credit to who I got it from and I think this hairstyle can be done for a formal event or just for fun. I has straight forward pictorial of what to do. If you do decide to try it, please post a photo and get link it to this post for me to see. Have fun!

Basting stitch

Basting is a temporary stitching (a.k.a tacking), which holds two or more layers of fabric in place until it has been stitched together properly. Basting can be done two ways by hand or by using a sewing machine, if doing it by hand, simply use a straight running stitch and the basting is to be done by machine, use a long-length straight stitch.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Circle Skirt with Bow

I found some instructions to make a circle skirt with a bow and decided to adjust the instructions to suit me. ( ) I had decided to make a skirt for my younger sister, who is 5 and is quiet little. I forgot to write down the measurements for next time because I made up the instructions along the way, it took me a few hours as I am still a beginner, however I am getting better. This skirt is suitable for anyone of any age! Here is a picture of the finished piece: 



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brogue Shoes

 Brogue shoes with heels so trendy, I bought a pair last week, which are a grey colour with cut out pattern and with a small heel. (picture up soon). I think there really nice to wear with everyday clothes like jeans or skirts.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stylish double sided cushion!

So once again, I have made a cushion but in a different way and is much different to the first on I made. Here's a preview:



Finished piece

Friday, April 6, 2012

Simplicity 2305 Cynthia Rowley Dress B

I'm making the dress in Satin and blue but I can't really understand the instructions that well and am looking for help and updates of my dress will be up soon :)