Saturday, April 21, 2012

Basting stitch

Basting is a temporary stitching (a.k.a tacking), which holds two or more layers of fabric in place until it has been stitched together properly. Basting can be done two ways by hand or by using a sewing machine, if doing it by hand, simply use a straight running stitch and the basting is to be done by machine, use a long-length straight stitch.

Basting by Hand: Simply take the needle in and out of the fabric, where it is needed to be temporary held together, making large stitches in a straight line, which are of the same length all the way along.

Basting by Sewing Machine: This will depend on the machine you have, by setting to straight stitch and changing the tension of the stitch, to be large and loose, then you're ready to go.However check in the instructions book for your sewing machine before doing so.

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