Saturday, April 28, 2012

Endless Wardrobe

Endless Wardrobe has been chosen to be in Featured Blog as it represents a great fashion website and should be looked at!

Looking for a safe and colourful place to go to for chic, trendy, stylish, smart, and elegant fashion, visit Endless Wardrobe for the best quality and customer care. Endless Wardrobe is an Australian online store which provides a range of clothing for; men, women and children. With updates of new items every week, customers are up to-date with the latest trends and are provided with convenient prices for the quality displayed and guaranteed, coming soon Endless Wardrobe will be introducing Australian brands on the website for you Aussie’s out there and of course to everyone else.  The design of the site is most simple and easy to navigate around, as the websites opening slideshow shown in the middle dominates the viewer with the latest items; in high quality images and in a sensible manner. All the information on; men, women, children clothing, accessories are found on the right hand side tabs, which clearly state the categories and the tabs on the top of the website giving customer conveniences such as; user account, wishlist, cart, checkout, contact and log in, but if you want a faster way to search, use the search toolbar on the right top corner, for faster results. The use of the simple white background attracts the viewers to the colours of the clothing shown; in the slideshow, and the list of clothing down the page showing the name and price of the item stated below the product image, which gives brief information on the item.  Endless Wardrobes logo is eye-catching as the clothing moves along the clothing rack and then stands still into position showing a variety of clothing and the name of the website.

Endless Wardrobe provides a large selection of one-size items, leaving customers in no need of worrying about ‘wrong sizes’. The items pictures demonstrate multiply views of the product in clear quality images for the customers to have a perfect interpretation of how the item will look on. Product descriptions give detailed information on the items, so the customer can’t go wrong, however if there are any issues, Endless Wardrobe provides live chat support or contact information; telephone number and email details. Endless Fashion is a simple website to be used with easy features to navigate with and
with humble understandable text and information, leaving customers satisfied and not lost. Endless Wardrobe provides different sizes, colour (depending of the product) and material information for their products. To also help customers Endless Wardrobe has an option of related products which shows similar items to the current one being viewed by the customer onto the right side of the page, which can be also added to the wishlist.

To the advantage of the customer loyalty points are given when you are to buy an item. What are loyalty points? Well for every dollar spent gives you 1 point which can be used anytime for a discount on your future purchase. E.g. if you spent $39.00, you will receive 39 points and for every 20 pointed used gives you $1 off your next purchase. Now doesn’t that sound exciting because eventually you may build up enough points to get an item for free! However to have points you are to make an account which is very quick and easy. Endless Wardrobe is NOW giving 10% off instantly when you sign up for their newsletter (spam free)!

There are no hassles with returns at Endless Wardrobe, there is no time limit to returning products as long as the item is not damaged and is returned in its original packaging with the product sku label on it. Otherwise the product will be posted back to you. Shipping has a minimum fee of $5.90 and delivers within 5 working days or less, payment options range from Direct Deposit, PayPal and Credit Card payment.

Endless Wardrobe provides the benefit of tweeting the products for other to see, for all you tweeter’s out there! If you are a blogger (or not) you will enjoy Endless Wardrobe’s blog as it features articles about Aussie women, models, current trends and more (the only way to know is to check it out yourself). The blog has been set out in an orderly fashion.

Endless Wardrobe in my opinion is a flawless and vibrant website to visit and look through, when you are looking for a diverse range of the latest and current trends for women, men and children. It gives the customers an easy systematic way to find their way around the website with clear and understandable information, where you can’t go wrong; in my experience the customer service is great and doesn’t let you down because Endless Wardrobe provides the best quality items.

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