Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY: Belt Purse

While I was researching diy tutorials on instagram I came across a rather interesting and smart creation. A purse made from belts, the instagramer being Lisa agreed to let me feature her diy tutorial on here for everyone to try. Thanks Lisa Succo!



STEP 1: gather supplies-hot glue gun, scissors, sharpie, and (depending on the size purse you want) gather an odd amount of belts (3,5,7,etc.) to create balance, and an additional belt to use for the strap.

STEP 2: measure the belts and trim them so they are now the same length (save the scraps !)

STEP 3: hot glue along the sides until all belts are glued together (leave the top ¼ of the belt, like the middle belt, so you can fold them over to close the purse.

STEP 4: Using your scraps, measure along the side of the purse so you can hot glue along the edges and enclose the purse…to keep the purse closed I used an old magnet button from an old purse (just cut it out and hot glue it to the underside of the top half that you folded)

STEP 5: Now just hot glue the remaining belt onto the sides of the belt and you’re done !

Well now your done, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and not hesitate to share your creations, I will feature your DIY if interested.

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