Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vintage Nail Art

Onchaya from instagram has offered to share her Vintage Flower nails with us, she has written out instructions with picture. Thank you Aim! 

Colors used : 3 different tones of the same colour doing flowers and being the base and green for doing the leaves.Both acrylic and nail polish can be use.

Step1 : Put a base coat. Wait until it's dry. Then apply the middle tone of color which will be the second coat for the base. (reference picture above)

Step2 : Paint circles randomly by using the dark tone. These circles don't have to be perfect. (reference picture above)

Step 3

Step3 : Do the petals by using the light tone. (Look at the picture above)

Step 4

Step4 : Put leaves for the flowers. (Look at the picture) Then apply the top coat to complete your nail art!

This is just the guide How to do the vintage flowers. So you can choose other colors and patterns that match to your life's style.
It depends on your idea. Have fun with it!


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