Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Paper tissue Flowers

Nicola (dreamplaygroud) from instagram, has allowed me to share a creative piece of work she has created.


1/ all you need:
-tissue paper(whatever colour you like).
-a pair of scissors
-thread/string/fishing wire/wire.

2/ layer 5-8 sheets of tissue paper (the more layer, the denser the result).

3/ fold the tissue paper accordion-style, creating about 1 inch wide folds.



4+5/ Set one folded piece aside and begin work on the other. Take a long piece of fishing wire and tie one end around the middle of your folded paper. You do not need to cinch the tied fishing wire around the paper, just tie it securely in place. Trim the fishing wire to be long enough to hang the flower at your desired length. Once you have tied the fishing wire around the middle, round out the edges of the folded paper like so.


6+7/Now start fanning out the folds on one side of the string and then carefully separating and pulling apart all the single sheets of tissue. After fanning out one side, do the same to the other side. Lastly, fluff out both sides to create uniformity

Once you have made flowers of varying size, color, and density, hang them and enjoy the colorful display.

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