Monday, June 25, 2012

Blog Feature: DIY Anthro Inspired Necklace

Khadija is an artist, crafter, DIY lover and textile designer (the list goes on... I also found her on instagram), she has a wonderful blog and has allowed, me to feature one of her DIY tutorials. I hope you enjoy as I surely have :)
I have done another easy & fun version of Anthro's necklace..
Its making is not something like any mathematics formula :) its as easy as 1,2,3..yep..Lets see.. 
An easy way to make something stylishhhhhh...
 Isn't it..

Would you like to pay $248 ? or $2 is Ok..?
you will need to have..
Crystal brooches
Chain Bracelet
wire & pliers
First you will add wire in small plastic brooch & fix it on bigger one..
Brooches are ready!!
Can be used with any hairband,hair clip,handbag, clutch,waist belt,cuff or many other things of your own choice :)
I was searching a big chain like Anthro's but at store near my house I only found this bracelet! So I thought to add some variation now!I add a jump ring at one side & the other side is fixed with bracelet's hook..
well I fix the brooch in the chains with the help of nose pliers..
That's it..
 Here it is a Coco Chanel beautiful..I saw this after making mine..if I notice this before, I will be trying this one instead of anthro's :)
you can also change the brooch according to your dress/mood..sometimes blue..sometimes pink & sometimes both..even sometimes without any brooch too? right..?
So what do you think girls..? Is it easy for you to embellish any chain with crystal brooch..! I hope you will be able to try this EASY idea..

Khadija is a young & energetic university student, she has done textile designing after graduation in psychology. She like sharing her Creative ideas via through her blogging activity, Khadija make tutorials late night usually because she is a busy+brilliant student.

Feel free to write to her your words/requests/queries at

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