Saturday, June 30, 2012

DIY Stud Phone Case

Ayelet Birman (from instagram!) has this wonderful and simplistic DIY tutorial she is sharing
with us today. It demonstrated how to create a stylish studded phone case. Thank you Ayelet!

All you need is:
- an iphone case (or any other cell phone)
- superglue/all purpose adhesive
- pliers
- studs

step 1:

Take the studs and fold their little "legs" inside with the pliers (don't cut them off, the legs are important). if you want you can color the studs with some nail polish or acrylic paint to create a specific shape/design you like, such as checkered black & white, ascending shades of blue/pink/etc, stripes, multicolored and so on....
I suggest you plan beforehand and see just how many studs you need.

step 2:
If you have superglue it will work great, I really recommend it, but if you don't, and you only have an all purpose adhesive like i did, follow the next steps:
-put a thin layer on the surface of the iphone case where you want to glue the studs. let dry for about a minute, it's supposed to be still sticky
-put a thin layer on the studs (i know this one is hard cause they're so freakishly small, so if it doesn't come out as thin as you want, it's ok). Let dry for about a minute, it's supposed to be still sticky.
-press the studs onto the surface of the iphone case and let dry for have an hour at most (depends on how much glue you used).
NOTE: this is exactly what I what I did, to glue the studs, but still some of them were a little loose and fell off. I glued them back on and they're perfect, but you should expect this to happen.


  1. Looks awesome! I'm definitely trying this :)

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  3. I wonder where all of you, DIYers get those studs.

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