Sunday, June 10, 2012


Kasturi S. // Amped+Dangerous, also found below, has written up a great tutorial of a DIY embellished clutch! 

1. Gather your scraps and start stripping your material in different widths. If you're slightly OCD, work with just all being the same width, but I love the look when they are all different sizes and textures.

2. Cut a piece of material the same circumference as the back of your pencil case. More on why I did this a little later. Keep it to the side for now. I ironed the wrinkles out so that it would adhere better to the flat surface of the case.
3. Now let's get creative. This is an important process so that you know you have enough material and so that you can plan the design. Start playing around with different layering techniques and positions.
4. So this is a step you would substitute to your own process if you weren't glueing the trimmings. I grabbed a piece of scrap paper and poured out some glue which I could paint on to the trimmings, it would adhere cleaner to the pencil case than if you were to dot or swirl the glue on to the trimming. Trust me on this one.
5. Start with one trimming, paint some glue on and stick to the case according to your pre-planned design.
6. - 7 Start layering and glueing till your done! Handy tip: I chose to layer on a piece of ribbon over my fringing material so that it would have some texture. So if you do this, make sure you glue down all your bottom layers first!
8. Make sure to leave some allowance on either end of your pencil case.If you cut your trimming to the exact width of your case, you would have a lot of raggedy fraying. But by doing the next step, you can avoid this and have a more polished look.
9. You want to fold over your extra trimmings and glue them to the back of your pencil case.
10. This is where your piece of square material comes in handy, you want to then glue this material covering the back of the case including over the extra trimmings. Leaving you with a clean finish at the back :)


Hope you enjoyed! If you want more, please follow me :)