Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog Feature- Flower Power Fascinator

For the perfect spring/summer statement fascinator: full of colour and completely fabulous! Vanessa from Instagram has created this beautiful fascinator and has designed instructions for everyone to try out and have fun! 

What you need:
·        - Fascinator Base
·        - 2 Hair lever clips
·        - 2 Big Fake Flowers
·        - 3 Fabric Flowers
·        - 2 Bunches of wired fake flowers
·        - 6 Wired Fabric leaves
·        - Gold spray paint    
·        - Hot glue gun

How to:
    1. Lay out some newspaper and in a 3well-ventilated area, spray the fascinator base with the spray paint on both sides. Leave to dry.

   2. Plug in the glue gun and once the glue is hot enough, stick the 2 lever clips at the 10 ‘o’clock and 2 ‘o’clock positions on the underside of the fascinator base.

     3 . Glue the 2 bunches of wired fake flowers at opposite sides on the top of the fascinator base. The individual flowers can then be positioned however you want – tightly knit or wildly spread out.

4. Glue the 2 big fake flowers next to each of the wired bunches; the petals should cover where the bunches have been glued down.

5. Glue the fabric flowers and fabric leaves in the gaps between the flowers on the top of the fascinator so that all of the base has been covered.

  1. Thank you so much to Vanessa! To find more on Vanessa find her below on: 

A Also instagram!

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