Friday, June 29, 2012


The founder, four Prasetiya Mulya Business School students whose passion in business and fashion, hit upon the Maive’s name in 2011 when it was established. They took the name of Maive from an Irish word meaning “captivating woman”- quite unaware that the means of captivating is also taken into a book stated that women should embrace her glory, rather than fear her femininity.
The founder stated in this emansipation era, women should embrace her equality and professionalism at work at the same time groom her appearance. But, difficulties in finding suitable office wear for young professional women was a problem.

“It is our philosophy that women should look attractive not only in casual occasion but also in daily office routine.”

Maive’s vision is to provide the greatest one stop online solution dedicated to
young female workers who care about their appearance at the office. It is not only about shopping experience, it is more about how women should dress in working environment. is offering an assistance in daily business look for young workers who want to look neat, yet still flexibly casual in any ocassion.

Concept and Product development takes place primarily from the idea of the owner. The innovative core is based on the creation of stylish fashion work robe dedicated for young professional women as Maive main target.

We are committed in maintaining the quality of product through 3 steps of quality control to assure the finished goods will result as it is expected.

As to satisfy the needs of the customers, Maive will be available online with different themes every month. And of course, the theme are adopted from the latest ongoing fashion trend.

“wear you success”


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