Monday, June 25, 2012

Blog Feature: Galaxy Print DIY

Thuy Duyen from, has provided us with this wonderful and exciting tutorial on how to bring the galaxy out within your clothes  :) Enjoy!

Hello! It's been a while since I've done something constructive... I have been so busy (the positives of being a senior - hello mid year exams!). Anyway today while browsing online, I had a very, very strong desire to buy myself a pair of galaxy printed leggings, however, the design I wanted was out of stock. Sad times. So I laid in bed thinking about how soon I could get my hands on something galaxy printed, that I could actually pull off.. Have you noticed some galaxy prints cover the whole garment? I don't really like that look, I think it would be hard to wear with other clothes... because it would look really busy with all the colours everywhere! so.. long story short, if I could do a galaxy print on my nails, i could do it on my clothes.. and do it to my liking! Luckily, I'm a crafty girl, so I had some fabric paint stashed away... but only in black, white, blue and teal.. so I decided to use some acrylic paint! that stuff never washes out, I would know. 

The finished look

Materials you need:
Paint brushes
Paint - fabric paint OR acyclic paint, it doesn't really matter... but i guess fabric paint would be better to use. (I recommend using white, blue and purple, but of course you can chuck in other colours like yellow, orange, green and silver) 
A sponge - I used a makeup sponge
Clothing that you would like to galaxfy.. ahaha lame. 

Firstly, lay down some newspaper! it's going to get messy. Make sure your garment is laying flat on the floor, you may want to put some cardboard inside the garment to stop any paint from soaking through to the back/front.

Take your paint brush and dip it into white paint, paint this over the sponge, so there is an even layer of paint on it. Dab it onto your garment.. and try to make it look like the galaxy.. 

^ That white thing sitting on the tank top is the sponge. so as you can see from the picture, there's my white base. I dabbed more layers of white towards the middle of the foggy looking things.

Here it is with some blue added to it.

To finish it off, I mixed white paint with a tiny bit of water to make splatters on the tank top. I also added some dots of paint and added small crosses.. which resemble stars glittering, right??

When you have finished your print, leave it to dry for at least 2 days then iron it inside out < IMPORTANT.

This is a body con dress that I also galaxfied. I followed the same process.

^This is the back of the dress

^ front - there's too much blue.. so I'll go over it with some white paint.. later..

Instagram filter made it look even more magical @_@

My hands after... you might want to wear gloves.

This is an extremely simple and inexpensive way to turn plain-barelyworn-clothing into something uberly trendy. I got the tank top for $5 and it's my 3rd black tank top, so what better way to put it to use than to paint on it! ahaha. the body con dress was only $10 and never worn... I think I will wear it out now (yay for recycling clothing) Fabric paint can be found at craft stores such as lincraft and spotlight, I'm pretty sure they are under $5 a bottle. The also come in glow in the dark colours, perfect for galaxy prints! Acrylic paint is a little bitch to get out of clothing, apparently there is latex in it so it will not wash out of clothing unless tended to immediately.

Thuy Duyen, is a 17 year old self-taught sewing enthusiast currently residing in Australia. She blogs about her little DIY projects, life and what not. 
My picture is attached :)

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