Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DIY Wednesday- Decor {Door Garland}

Recently moving into a new house, my boring plain room needed some decorating, I had found so many garland designs and decided to make one for my self, only something simple. But as I made one I thought why not also make a DIY tutorial to share my experience with others on how simple it is to make, although it is a little time consuming; measuring and cutting, it is well worth it!

 1. First start with any pattern print page (it doesn't matter which pattern because there is no particular order) Divide the page into 3 equal segment using a ruler and pencil mark a dot every 7cm across the page and 

once drawn, connect the dots to create 2 lines down the page(3 equal segments).

2. Fold the page on the lines that were just drawn inwards.

3. Now divide the newly folded page into 5 segments each 6cm and mark with a dot/line.

 4. Draw a marking only in the first marked region (6cm), halfway between the 6cm line- this will be the point of the triangle)

 5. Now draw the triangle starting from the point using the ruler.

Only one triangle needs to be drawn.

 6. Fold the page on the lines to create even squares.

7. Holding the folded paper firmly with one hand, cut the triangle out.

8. Open up all the cut outs and separate any pieces which are together
 Many other shapes can be made as well.

 10. Take measure of how long you want the string to fit the desired location you are to hang the garland.

 11. Time to glue the shapes to the string- create a little fold-over-tab and place some glue over the tab using a glue stick (sticky tape may also be used to attach the shape to the string)

 Firmly press down to make sure the shape stays in place.
12. Time to hang the garland up, I have decided to place it over my bedroom door, using sticky tape on the edges of the string and to secure finally with blue-tack as well.

Note: These are my remaining shapes/ spares, don't throw them away as they make become useful in another project such as making another garland inside the room, collage on a canvas, creating a silhouette of a bird or flower by collaging the pieces together. 

Hope you enjoyed this DIY, why don't you try it yourself and leave a link in the comment section :)

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