Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY {home decor} Vintage -looking- lamp

Today I just finished school! So now having so much free time on my hands, so I thought it was time to decorate my room, I have found so many inspirations but due to limited resources, I have been unable to do much, so I thought of a DIY to do with things I did have, decorate my lamp with a vintage look.

You Will need:
- Liquid paper                                     - a lamp (that has a hard surface to be written on)
Basically write what ever you like (I just wrote anything that came to mind e.g. my favourite tv shows, cliche story lines, etc) with the liquid paper in a running righting style, but don't press to hard on the liquid paper because it will come out think, just make it flow. Also the writing doesn't have to be readable it just for a design but it you want it to be readable by all means make it so. 
Here is how mine turned (even though I haven't finished yet :D)

You can also draw pictures or use stencils or paint to create designs on the lamp. Be Creative and have fun!
I also started this design on my dvd shelf which is also black and boring, if you decide to do this as well, make sure to link it in the comments so I can see how you went :)

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  1. Sofia, I'm very happy to see you back! I hope you did very well at school and that now we'll get to see more of your posts! :)


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