Thursday, November 7, 2013

Classical Style Icon-Jackie Kennedy

Classical Style Icon-Jackie Kennedy
22/November, marks the 50th anniversary since the JFKennedy assassination, here's a collage in memory of the beautiful Jackie O& JFK and Jackie's wonderful style.The Kennedy has become of a great interesting topic for me, I recently went to the library and bought a pile of books on the Kennedys and bought the book 'These few precious few day'- The final year of Jack with Jackie' by Christopher Andersen, I'm only at the beginning but it is written very well, it really captivates the reader, into the early events of the 1960s. Also I have borrowed the book 'Mrs Kennedy and me' by Clint Hill, I just love that book, it is also written very well and is very interesting as you get an outside view of the Kennedy's and the friendship between them it just lovely :) I do strongly recommend them to anyone interested in the Kennedy's. 

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SBS has been recently showing documentary season based on the kennedy's (check their
website for the schedule), also the National geographic channel is showing a tv movie of the Kennedy's called 'Killing Kennedy'

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