Saturday, November 2, 2013


To be honest I have no idea where to start, I have so much to talk about (feels just like my english exam- trying to start my creative story, so many ideas, that I didn't know where to start), warning this post is going to be long... :)
School ended so much quicker than I expected, I'm upset about in a way but also happy. Much has occured in my last term, trial exams, graduation, formal (talk more about later) and the HSC itself. But since its finally over I can go back to doing the things I love most; watching tv and reading books and obsessing over everything -TUMBLR!- I am so very excited, which I sacrificed for studying;

------------------------>reading books
----------------------------------------->watching tv shows
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->Sewing n DIY

I have become so behind in reading, that many new books have been released from the series I'm readings this is how long the list goes:

     keep going there's more

these books I currently own

books I borrowed from the library

 book I was going to buy but the documentary is coming on tv on Sunday!

And finally books I just bought online
These Few Precious Days: The Final Year of Jack with Jackie Bewitched Forever: The Immortal Companion to Television's Most Magical Supernatural Situation Comedy

I absolutely love tv shows more than movies because I always want more, I know that may sound weird but I get attached to what I watch, real quick (I don't know if that happens to others). Recently I discovered a show from the 60s called Hogan's Heroes I have to say it is another of my favourites, there hasn't been an episode that I didn't laugh :)



these are just a few of the ones I watch (what do you like to watch?)

last and not least I want to try and make the new girl dress from here

Anyway this is what I have for now but there will be more, so stay tuned :)

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