Friday, October 5, 2012

Practice Version of Butterick Retro 5708

While on holidays I was able to make a practice version of my formal dress 'Butterick Retro 5708', although as I mentioned earlier I found many bad reviews I actually got the calico version finished in 2 days, with no problems exept the easestitching part, which I now realised why I had the problem, I forgot that I cut the bodice piece smaller than the midriff, duh! Stupid me (Slap head with hand, Gently of course :P). If I do say so myself, I found this pattern to be much easier than the Butterick 5607, not only because you only line the bodice but the instructions were much easier to understand. Anyway here are the preview images, and by the way this dress has so much gathering it is no even funny, I couldn't even get the seams to meet up.



Side of the invisible zipper

The right side

Like I said previously the only part I'm really worried about is inserting the 14" invisible zipper into the side of the dress and I'm just hoping I will not growing bigger by the end of next year because I am making the dress according to my current size. Well wish me luck. I'm hoping to finish before Monday (before school starts, beginning of year 12 Yikes!).


  1. oh this is such a cute dress you made here! especially love those bows on the shoulders and the wide skirt. it looks really adorable and you are such a sweet lady;)
    i had to follow you instantly darling;)
    love and kiss,mary

  2. I really like this dress and I think it'll turn out so cute! I think the easing on the bodice is to give you room for your bust. You will probably want to have the easing if you can figure it out since you took it in. What color is the fabric you are going to use? I love the bows and the style lines though! Good luck finishing!

    1. Thank you! :) But I don't think I will need too do the easing because I cut all the pieces a size 10 but cut the bodice pieces a size 8 because I had a dress by butterick and cut a size 10 and it was too big from the bust area, so yeah. Here is a picture of the fabric, although the picture isn't that great, it is a really light purple


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