Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ahead of Time- Making of Formal Dress- Butterick Retro 5607

 Very Very Very... light purple (The material for the dress)

I know my formal is still well ahead of time but I don't think I will have anytime to make my dress during year 12, so I have decided to make it in the next 2 weeks- WHICH ARE COMPLETELY FREE FOR ME! Now for the special dress and theme I have chosen the time era of the 1950's, in fact the pattern I have chosen is Butterick Retro 5708 ('53), which is one dress but the bodice may be worn in numerous variations. Today I took a trip to Spotlight and purchased this pattern and without realising the pattern was $21.00, it sure was a real shock for me but no way was I going to reject buying it.

Line Art

 But for me I absolutely love view A. Usually the pattern packet is thick and weighs a little but the packet for this pattern is as light as a feather. Although I am not to fond of the 50s hair, I may level out a hairstyle of the 50's and 60's, but on the other hand now looking in google for '50's hairstyles of long wavy hair', I actually have chosen some I like. The only thing I'm worried about in making this dress is inserting the 14" invisible zipper. (scary)

1920s-1950s hairstyles :  wedding hair hair trial styles vintage 171916

1920s-1950s hairstyles :  wedding hair hair trial styles vintage O10

1950s Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair 2

Don't stop click to see more hairstyles and info...

Kim Kardashian Hair

50's hairstyles for long hair and short here is how to do it

The material I have chosen is Dutch Satin which isn't recommended on the pattern but I asked the assistant in spotlight and she is said it was fine. The great thing about this pattern is that it has no lining, this pattern has got many bad reviews and I only had checked the reviews after I bought the pattern, although I found a good review at and her dress looks just lovely!
Well I better get started to finish off before I start school up again...

Here is my to do list to beginning:
- Read through all instructions
- Search anything I don't understand and understand it
- Copy the pattern onto interfacing and cut out
- Pin to calico and cut 
- Make a practice version
- Once everything is right
- Make the real on Dutch satin

Until then...


  1. Hey Sofia!
    A surprise for you:

  2. I must say I love your fashion icons, like Zooey Deschanel. Those soft, glamorous 50s waves are to die for, I think Lana Del Rey gives them a modern twist, I like her. I also like them in shorter hairstyles, such as Grace Kelly's or, more recently, January Jones's.

    As for the dress, I'm not the biggest fan of cute bows, but still like the cut overall. I hope it turns out great, good luck!


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