Monday, September 17, 2012

Today I'm 17 on the 17th!

I feel so much older not in the sense of feeling older but the number makes me seem older, sixteen used to feel like a middle number to me. Unfortunate for me I had to study all day because tomorrow I have a modern History exam... :( Last year I had an amazing birthday, I had a party with many friends and (presents!). It was the greatest party I had yet! But on the bright side of the things I share this special day 17/9 with my dad.

Here is a preview of tonight (with a funny story):

Silver locket bracelet that I specifically asked for! :) I absolutely love it!

My Dress! from my mum, largely inspired by Zooey Deschanel, when I saw it, there was no going back. I had to have it :)
Front (The collar is my favourite)


Matching pair of shoes which I bought at Big W for only $5.00 from $29.98 :O

I love heels and Dress! My old obsession becoming my new one again.

This is from my brother, lucky me I get to spend it on anything, knowing me the first chance that I get to go shopping, it will not last :)

This one from my 6 year old sisters, I love them!
Here is me wearing them, a blue pair.

 There is actually a funny story to go with this one. My sister is really good at fooling you, for days. My sister asked me what I wanted and I told her Sherlock Holmes; a game of shadows and well she said she would get it for me. She had me thinking for days that she hadn't got it yet and told me she would just give me money and she acted really upset because she never got me anything. But little did I know that she had already bought the movie and had it wrapped up and ready for the day. She really fooled me for days she kept saying I'm really sorry I couldn't get it for you. But when she passed it to me tonight I was soooooo surprised! Now I can add it to the rest of my collect of DVDs (YAY)

Well I had a real fun night and I'm actually 17, so exciting!


  1. Oh Sofia, you're so young yet so stylish! :)
    Happy Birthday!

    p.s: i'm watching New Girl these days and I'm starting to like Zooey Deschanel a lot!

    1. Thank you! Nobody has ever called me stylish before, that's really nice to know :) Yeah Zooey Deschanel has amazing vintage style! Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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