Sunday, September 16, 2012

Black & Red Bow now for Sale!

Here is an outfit which is very similar to what I was wearing today and to compliment my causal look I have included a new bow (which btw I have made myself). This outfit is fun causal and can be worn basically anywhere, keeping reading below to find pictures of my outfit and new bow for sale at Etsy!

Black & Red

Blue checkered shirt
$26 -

J brand skinny jeans

Rhinestone shoes

bow ties are cool embroidery hoop wall art
Below is my outfit I wore today, which features the bow I made:

The Black and Red bow will be available on my etsy store soon only for $5.00 (FREE SHIPPING IN AUSTRALIA). The bow is made from vinyl (black) with dutch satin for the center (red), a pin has been attached at the back of the bow to allow it to be attached to something such as a shirt or to a formal dress or handbag, although by adding a bobby pin and it can also become a hair bow. 

The bow is 13.5cm long and 8cm in width.

Visit the etsy store and don't miss out. You could wear it the same way I did :)

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