Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY denim shirt & lace

Hi Sofia!I wanted to thank you for your interest in this DIY. I hope to hear from you again when my next DIY project follows! These are the steps for my DIY. 

The basics for this DIY you'll need:- enough lace fabric (must withstand heat)- scissors (preferably fabric scissors)- Iron on fabric tape ( I bought mine at IKEA)- Iron- denim shirtExtra, if you want to cut the sleeves off of your denim shirt and make it more of a 'racer' back you'll need:- sewing machine will first begin with cutting the sleeves off because the sleeves were too big, If you want to keep your sleeves you can just skip these steps!

1.) Take your favorite no sleeve button up and use this as your guide for the denim shirt. Make sure that the shoulders of the shirts are aligned.
2.) Add an inch to your guide line and cut the sleeves off using the fabric scissors. To make sure that both armholes are equal to each other, you can check by folding the denim shirt in half.
3.) If you still find your shirt a bit boxy, you can cut the back of the denim shirt more like a 'racer back'.
4.) Fold the added inch to the guide line and iron this flat so you can easily sew this later on.
5.) Sew the rest of the armholes using a sewing machine or if you're born with a lot of patience you can just hand sew it.Now you'll have something like this.. Tadaaa!

Having fun already? Now comes the fun and easy part!

1.) First you need to make sure your lace fabric can withstand the heat from ironing. Put your iron on medium heat and cut a little scrap of your lace to test it out. If the lace does not stick to the iron, then you're good to go.
2.) Cut enough lace so that the shoulder front is fully covered (it's better to have a bit more than a bit less).

3.) Now is the time for the magic tape to shine. CAUTION: The tape can't come in contact directly to the iron! the tape is used between two fabrics. Cut the tape in many strokes to cover the whole shoulder front.

4.) Now we can start ironing. Do this in steps so that it will stay neat. I made a map in the following picture so that you can follow better. Make sure that all edges and corners are covered with tape! I decided to cover the whole area with tape because I like to have the lace entirely flat, so that the lace wouldn't hook on things. 

5.) Put the stroke of tape in place and cover the whole shoulder front with the lace (the same as in step 2)6.) Iron the lace with medium heat and wait till the tape has melted. You can move with the iron and make sure the lace is sticking in the edges and corners of the shirt. You can see it's done the magic when the tape has disappeared and you see no 'shiny' parts under the lace. Continue the steps till everything is taped.7.) The lace is taped and sticking on the shirt and now we can trim the excess lace. For a more neat look, you can fold the excess lace on the side of the armhole inside. And tape this fold as well. 8.) Do this for the other side of the shoulder and the back as well. And voila! A cheap and fun way to do with pimp up your denim!Wear it with a bold lipstick and your good to go!

Hope you enjoy this DIY. http://cestjill.blogspot.com Thankkk youu!

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