Sunday, July 15, 2012

Get Smart Get Inspired

Polyvore displays clothing of great price but why buy at expensive prices, when you can purchase similar or exact products for a cheaper and more convenient price.This is a typical outfit I would wear; casual and for any occasion (except for for the handbag, I'm not really a fan of, I would have a over-the-shoulder bag but this one fit the collage). Winter is here and it's freezing everyone to death (and making everyone sick) but when you are wearing the right clothing you can stay warm. The source of my inspiration is from Get Smart not from agent 99, but from Maxwell Smart's trench coat he sometimes wore. (below collage)

Get Smart

Dsquared skinny fit jeans
$340 -

Steve Madden flat shoes
$98 -

River Island leather satchel handbag
$93 -

There they are:

Vintage inspiration has really captured me! As I was saying earlier about buying at cheaper prices, here is my collage of clothing at cheaper prices. Although it is
good to be inspired by others and want to have similar designs; being fashionable is in your own taste.

Everything of quality and stylish fashion for good, but don't get me wrong sometimes the more expansive is better for a reason. But an outfit like this can be wore anywhere, it is comfortable and I did get many complements on my trench coat. Do you like to save? How do you like to buy?

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