Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feature- Hold Your Horses

I’m sure every girl can agree that seeing someone else wearing the same outfit as you is a worst nightmare come true and with mass produced products and brands being sold in popular stores, it isn’t an uncommon situation to be stuck in. We all know that the awkward “Hey, nice dress…” comment is really just a cover up for the underlying feeling of frustration and the secret promise you make to yourself that you will never wear that dress again.
This is what sparked a small fire within 18 year old Australian student, Lima Rose, who felt that she and every other woman should be able to wear quality clothing that no one else in the world owned. With her newfound feeling that she had to make a difference, backed by years of knowledge about the clothing industry, came the arrival of her own fashion label Hold Your Horses.  Together with her mother, they share over 40 years’ experience designing, pattern-making and sewing exclusive garments for high end designers, manufacturers and private clientele. Their aim is simple: to create top quality, one-off or limited edition garments at affordable prices. 
Founded in mid-April 2012 as a Facebook store, their fan base has rapidly grown to around 1,200 likers from all around the world – and it is still growing. HYH then opened their online Storenvy store in June, creating a market largely in the U.S.A. and Europe. In the future, they hope to stock garments in local stores or in a small store of their own.

Their amazing creations range from dresses, to vintage recreated shorts, to onesies, with prices for their products being anywhere between $4AUD and
$150AUD – and for one-off ‘nowhere else in the world’ pieces, these prices are definitely affordable! Hold Your Horses also provides worldwide shipping meaning that if you don’t live in Australia you can still purchase their awesome products. With a high demand for custom order one sizes during the current winter, production for those has been busy and there has been little time for other products to be made. However, they do have some new products coming up very soon including leggings, bodysuits, dresses, cute accessories, menswear and much more! 

Although Hold Your Horses is currently relatively small, they are growing fast and seem to be popular with lots of people! So why not head over to their Facebook www.facebook.com/holdyourhorsesoz and have a look at what they do? Make sure to ‘like’ their page for pre-release sales, upcoming give away competitions and regular product updates!

You can purchase items on their Facebook, as well as through their Storenvy: www.holdyourhorses.storenvy.com, and for those of you with Instagram make sure to follow ‘holdyourhorsesoz’ on there too!
If anyone has any questions regarding HYH products, please inbox the HYH page to contact them or email hold.your.horses.oz@gmail.com

Hold Your Horses is definitely an upcoming popular brand to watch out for so get your hot little hands on your very own exclusive garment today!


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