Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Etsy Items!

I have been so busy with assignments, it's not even funny, that I was unable to post anything. Although I finally made somethings to sell in my Etsy store (, visit now, anyone who likes anything, I will give you a discount of free shipping!) Anyway I have been very unsuccessful in selling anything, I have ordered some materials to make new products but they haven't arrived yet, however when they do I will post it! Back to the things I made- Here is a close look:

Purple Canvas Striped Bow

Purple Canvas Striped Bow

The Purple Canvas Striped bow is made from canvas material with a purple satin ribbon middle. A bobby pin has been attached at the back to be clipped to the hair. 

The is size is approximately 3.5" by 2.5"

Only $2.50

Funky Cliprings

Funky Cliprings

The Funky Cliprings are lovalafashion's creation, which are fun and colourful to wear. 
They are suitable for anyone of any age. They can be accessorised with anything, the
 cliprings are lightweight and won't weigh your earlobes down. 

The geometric shape make them fun and creative. The cliprings come as exactly shown;
 the red diamonds and orange circles, the blue squares comes as an extra piece, that can
 be added on. The cliprings come apart and can be re-arranged to your liking and desire. 
They are fun and mod!

Only $3.00

Hope you like, If you think I can improve on these then please tell me :)

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