Friday, August 24, 2012

Sewing Floral 60s: UPDATE! Part #1

So it has been almost a month since I have been on, I have very busy again. Although coming to the bright side I have found time to show my new dresses I have been working on. Recently I had a textiles assignment and I had to create  a futuristic gown for a ball in the year 2040, however I was unable to finish it. I only got the dress done but not the accessories. As previously stated I had bought the pattern Butterick 5607 and made my first dress to test the pattern out and later on I had to use the pattern for my school assignment but had to make adjustments. So here is the dress I first worked on, I didn't end up buying floral material for the dress because this satin material was meant for my assignment but I changed my mind. Although I did buy some vintage floral sateen recently at Spotlight for a great deal. Anyway here is my first one (I haven't done the hems yet):



I had a lot of trouble inserting my zipper (they are my worst enemies!) but I got it done in the end. I tried to insert the invisible zipper but couldn't do it. So here it is. Stay tuned to see my space gown.

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