Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sewing Floral 60s: UPDATE Part #2

As promised I will show my creation of the space gown which is currently incomplete, the gown is to have futuristic features, although due to time I was unable to finish. But here are my sketches to show my ideas. Before I show you them, here are some dresses that inspired me:

My sketches of possible ideas (even though they aren't good)

 Idea 1:

Idea 2:

Idea 3 and Chosen Idea:



I have made the third one, here it is (I haven't hemmed it yet or inserted the hoop into the lining yet):


I almost finished the dress, although I'm finding it hard to finish; attaching lining to the zipper and hemming the dress. If you have an guides on how to do those, please comment below :)

 P.S The Vintage Floral Sateen!


  1. Hi Sofia, to attach the lining to the zipper, you will have to hand sew it. I have attempted a tutorial here on how to machine finish the lining to the zipper

  2. Hey hun, I'll have to refer you to the pattern instructions becos this was my first time using the pattern and I don't know it well enough to interpret the instructions in my own way :)
    The instructions are very straight forward though. I recommend printing out the pattern so you are familiar with the pieces, then you can enlarge it to the size you want :)


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