Friday, January 18, 2013

Yesterday I bought...

I'm known to be a shopaholic, the second I recieve money I spend it. (I have no idea how to save). So yesterday I bought (and I always happen to find specials) 2 lace up flats for the price of 1, each pair usually being $15, I got each for $7 (saving $1), I think the aqua ones match with my new jeans and the dark blue will go with dark coloured jeans. Recently my dark brown shoulder bag had ruined, so I thought why not get a new one (and I can also use it for school), this I bought it for $15 from $25 and last and not least my floral jeans which I love, I got them at $10 from $24. I found so many other things but I thought that was enough for one day.


  1. Hello! I love your blog. Those jeans are gorgeous (and look familiar but I can't put my finger on how). Also, I love the colour of those turquoise flats :D


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