Monday, January 14, 2013

That Girl! Finally arrived

I've been so excited since last week about the arrival of That Girl (another to my collection). This morning it finally arrived, I saw the post man from my window upstairs, I literally skipped all the steps down the stairs and opened the door before the post man knocked, took the package and closed the door ( of course I said thank you before closing the door, I do have manners) :) anyway I took a picture of my new show and it with rest of my collection as well. Here's a preview:

                       That Girl Season's 1 to 5

Bewitched Season's 1 to 8 & Harry Potter 1 to 7 part2

The Brady Bunch Season's 1 to 5 & That Girl & I Dream of Jeannie Season's 1 to 5 & Get Smart Season's 1 to 5
The reason I know of That Girl is because as I was doing my research on Bewitched, I came across a video on youtube which included Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched), Marlo Thomas (That Girl) and Judy Carne (Love on the rooftop) all talking about their shows moving an hour earlier and from there I decided to research the show and found it on youtube but only the first episode and from there I loved it and had to watch more :) The video of the commerical is below, if you're interested in watching (although the quality isn't good but it's still worth watching) 

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