Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Time = Time for a new {Dress}

Christmas Time is near and for Christmas very one needs a new outfit to wear for the special occasion.  So I have decided (well it was my Mum's idea) to finish off the dress that I had started earlier this year and add on some extras features to make it look much better :)

On the left is how the dress looked before (found in the previous post here) and the image on the right shows that the dress has been hemmed. To be honest I have been so confused and afraid of hemming because I have never hemmed before, I did so much research and everything I found overwhelmed me. So in the end I found a very simple tutorial which I adjusted to myself (found here). Although the waist gathers didn't work too well, only because I self-drafted the skirt pattern and obviously made it too small to make big gathers in the skirt to fit the bodice.

There (above) you can see the difference, it has become shorter and I am very happy with my end result. All I did for the dress and lining raw edges was finish it off with zigzag stitch because I don't have an over locker yet....hahahaha (evil laugh) nah only kidding, anyway for the lining I
folded the raw edge up by 1 cm and pinned it up and sewed it all the way around and I did the same for the dress but instead of folding it up by 1cm, I folded it up by 1.5cm.

Now this is only the beginning before I finish the dress and have it ready for Christmas, it only gives me 7 days to finish. 
I have created a check list of everything I must do (these are in no particular order):

- add sleeves (using the New look 6723 pattern- the longer sleeves on the blue dress)
- peter pan collar (using the tutorial by Gertie- found here, here and here and also the tutorial here)
- bow belt (inspired by SewMeLove- found here and using the tutorial by Lisette- found here)

That's all about my dress, now onto my Mum's dress, I have decided to make her a Christmas dress as well (ignoring her protest of not wanting one), I am going to use the pattern New look 6723 and my most precious material: floral vintage sateen (as shown on the left). The dress I have chosen to make her is the one on the top-right (picture on the right) because she doesn't like the other style (worn by the model). I'm not that fast at sewing but now that I know how to hem, I feel like I can do anything. :)

I will posts more of my Christmas dress (either anything new I do to it or show the finished product) and my Mum's Christmas dress later on :)

Bye for now...


  1. lovely! good luck finishing it!

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  2. Lovely!
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