Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2 ideas - Box Pleats or Knife Pleats (formal dress progress)

As the title says 'Box pleats or Knife pleats'? I have had to take out the gathers from the dress because the Dutch Satin is very thick and the gathers are looking very uneven. So I went to my textiles teacher and asked her opinion and I know that gathers are very 50s, I wasn't sure what to replace it with, so she gave me the suggestion of box or knife pleats, or a box pleat in the middle at the front and middle at the back, while the rest around the waist is done with knife pleats. I don't know what to choose because I want to maintain the 1950s look. How close/far should I make the pleats to each other? Box pleats or Knife pleats? So many questions in my mind.

Box Pleats

Knife Pleats

What do you think???

This is what my dress currently looks like:

I really need to fix it and FINISH!
I am going to use this dress for my major artwork for school, part of my photography, but I'm not going to wear it- my friend is, does anyone know of photography techniques? how to use photoshop? Techniques for photomontage???


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    1. Thank you, your blog is lovely as well.

  2. I like the box pleats way better! The other is just very 50s-looking! :) Checkout my blog if you get a chance, I just posted today about an amazing new Instagram account for Target! Follow if you like. :)


    1. Hi Jennifer! Yeah I think I am going to go with the box pleats, thanks for the comment! :) Awesome blog btw :)

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